Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wrapping up the course 'Web skills development'

Hello Courtney and course participants,

In fact, the time has passed very fast and we are wrapping up. But the good news is we are leaving the ‘Supermarket WEB SKILLS DEVELOPMENT’ with a lot of baskets full of delicious food. Food for our further teaching ideas and improvements. The course made a revolution in my personal teaching. There were number of interesting and useful topics both theoretical and practical I am going to use in my teaching:
-          The ABCD learning objectives framework;

-          Creating an academic blog;

-          Skill building websites for oral/aural skills;

-          Skill-building websites for Reading/writing skills;

-          technology-enhanced lesson plans;

-          Delicious bookmarking system;

-          Padlet wall;

-          Interactive PowerPoint;

-          Teacher resources online;

-          Rubrics.

I do understand that I have a lot to study ahead concerning using technology in the classroom and would appreciate the opportunity to be enrolled in a course “Teaching English language online” if there is any.

I would be happy if my students miss the course they are completing as much as I do!

Hugs and lots of thanks. 




  1. Hi Marina,

    I liked your course summary a lot! This has been such an amazing experience! Thanks for your support and encouragement!

    Keep smiling always,
    Sharmila, India

  2. Hello Marina,
    Thank you for taking this course. I hope you have benefited so, much form it that you would put into practice.

    Abdesalam ZOUITA

  3. Hi Marina,

    Great wrap up! Thank you for all the experience, ideas and advice you shared with us during this course Marina! You've been so nice with us. Wish you a successful technology integration in all your future teaching and classes and may you reach higher and higher level in it!

    Tight hugs,
    Ravaka from Madagascar

  4. Hi)I like your programm of teaching I'm sorry ...I would like you to reread my blog the second blog ...becouse I changed my letter...Thanks